We Omega 36 Poultry Farms leader in the poultry farm construction and BV380 hens supply. We have the knowledge, the skills, and depth of experience to help you succeed. Whether you’re starting out, expanding, or upgrading, we can help your project . We are based at Trivandrum, Kerala and we have a wide network all over the kerala with wide range of customers, we are operating outside kerala also. We have a good team. Their goal is, and always has been, to take good care of our customers with honest service every time.

Production of farm products is carried out in the country side and supplied to urban and rural areas. This chain of production and supply, cold storage is required at the production/selling point. These farm product will be preserved in the cold storage with preservatives which is well known fact and that follows the many scientific process. As you would have experienced it looses the essense and taste of farm product.

This is were OMEGA 36 Poultry Farm is help to produce the organic hi tech chicken cage required for a family or a community with in the rural and urban area to eliminate the cold storage and preservatives. Omega 36 Poultry Farm achieve this by helping people put up poultry farm production unit in inside your home / terrace / back yard (home garden) / small land holding with your reach / mega farming.

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Omega farming solutions provides you a complete package of high quality Omega 36 hens, hi-tech cages and its shed. In our systems the cages and shed are made up using TATA branded products which one prevents corrosion and reduces heat conduction of cages. We will fix everything in the corresponding places after the payment of 60% of the total cost in advance.

  • Compleate Package
  • Omega36poultry farm Insurance
  • Automatic drinkers and feeders.
  • Replacement
  • High quality Omega 3-6 feed
  • Necessary instructions
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Our Dream Comes True!!!


Egg processing plant,
Feed processing plant,
Waste management plant,
Veterinary hospital,
Organic manure producing plant,
Medicine produceing Laboratory,
Hatchery unit,
Guest house and Meeting Halls

CALL US NOW AT 08281736514
  • ---------->We introduce in India the Golden Park

    An ambitions first of its kind future ready organic natural Omega Golden park spanning over 400 acres of land, is being setup in Tirunelvli district of south Tamilnadu. This will Park include egg processing plant, feed processing plant, waste management plant, veterinary hospital, organic manure producing plant, required medicine for poultry park will be produced, hatchery unit, guest house and meeting halls to start with.

  • Omega Golden Park will host free-range chickens

    Omega Golden Park will host free-range chickens. Also have traditional chicken breed. There are wide varieties of hen suitable for home garden / small holding / mega holding. Omega Golden Park will be kept under strict health regime. Health of the birds will be monitored regularly by Veterinary doctor. Necessary action will be taken for vacations.

  • Omega Polutry Engineering and Technologies

    Learning/Research center for poultry rearing is available with Omega Golden Park. Short term and long term courses will be conducted with hands on experience. Short term apprentice too is available.

    We introduce in our farm, imported high yielding varieties of chicken.

    Running or riding (horse/camel) track is being set on the periphery of the farm. Visiting the farm can be done on horseback.


We are really thankful to OMEGA 36 Poultry Farms, They Provide great support in implementing cages and all. We are making money out of loving what we do

Ramachandran, Trivandrum