How to make Omega 36 poultry farming more profitable.

God created all things. And the food that sustains them is, therefore, God-given food is the best food ever. Every living thing in the world knows what to eat. Man is the only creature who does not know what to eat and what not to eat.Therefore, it is more difficult to live with medicine than with food. Now man is looking for good food. Governments are always on the lookout for food security.

Omega 3-6 Poultry Engineering and Technology has created a strategic revolution in this field.By releasing eggs and poultry through the use of insulin, hormone, antibiotic, and formalin, we are producing this God-given food on our terraces, courtyards and kitchen gardens, leading to food security and creating thousands of jobs.By building and training thousands of small and large farms across the countryside, there is a tremendous growth in the availability of golden omega-3-6 eggs in the presence of the common man anywhere in Kerala today. Omega 36 Poultry eggs are a perfect example of natural food, food security and God-given food.

Hippocrates, the Chancellor of human health, said Food is medicine. The world of science says that go nature go organic be healthy.

Omega 3-6 is leading the public safety challenge by monopolizing egg production, procurement and distribution, and applying toxins, including formalin antibiotics, insulin, hormones, and other toxins to the human body. Thousands of micro-layer farms have been brought to our land and good brown eggs in our hands by preparing the land, the home and ourselves.

Services provided by Omega 36

  • Shed for rearing Omega 36 hen
  • Coverd by Chain linked net, door with lock
  • There is space to go around and care birds
  • The feeder tray is conveniently located to feed at any time of the day
  • The watering system is built with float valve, nipple and nipple cups to automatically get clean water.
  • Providing a high quality water tank.
  • First year insurance is free.

Hundreds of expatriates who returned home after losing their jobs in the sandy forests are happy today, producing hundreds of golden eggs in their own backyard. It also provides good food for the locals. Everywhere in the world, the slogan of indigenization comes up. Many expatriate Indians are unemployed.The remedy for this is giving omega 3-6. Empower Our Land Create new jobs here Omega has many examples of people who lost their jobs and returned home satisfied. Therefore, by writing a dream story, Omega 3-6 emerges....